Utilities Updates: Wacom; ExtractIt!; GoClick; Substitute 1.7.7; more

Utilities Updates: Wacom; ExtractIt!; GoClick; Substitute 1.7.7; more

Wacom Tablet Driver 2.6.4B4 fixes the "disappearing line" bug in Mac OS 8.6 (noted previously for the ArtZ II). (Thanks, Quino Terceño.)

ExtractIt! for System 2.2 is out. It is a "powerful, comprehensive diagnostics tool that has the ability to provide you with over 500 specifications on your computer." It also include a feature for giving you the "meaning" of thevarious Mac error codes (such as Type -43).

Black & Bleu 1.1.1 is the latest version of this "Mac OS error code analyzer."

Terry Morse GoClick Public Beta 7 has just been released.

Substitute 1.7.7 has been released. It is a general purpose utility that can rebuild the desktop, change monitor depth and sound levels, version check, compact the System heap and much more.

Adobe PostScript Printer Driver 8.6 is out.[Try this ftp link to actually get it.]

FinderMenuTuner 0.9b1 has been released.

Web Finder Factory 2.1 is the latest update to this companion plug-in for WebFinder, a web searching utility.

re:Search 1.0 "enables you to save frequent search terms and search sites for instant one click searching and URL launching."

Internet Menu v1.1 is out. It is a small extension which adds a menu to the right-hand edge of the menu bar for accessing Internet applications. The new version increases compatibility with all operating systems. It should now fully work with Mac OS 7.6 and up.

Doublet Scan 2.0 is a program that helps you to catch all the duplicate files on your hard disks. This new version has a lot of additions and the most of the code has been rewritten. Now you can use filters for a more accurate search, the number of duplicates files in one window has been raised, the graphic interface has been improved and Drag&Drop capability has been added.

Folders Checker 1.0 helps you organize and control the large number of files that tend to "grow" inside certain folders, such as your Preferences folder.

Installer Observer 1.0 is another utility that allows you to track changes made to the contents of folders after running an Installer.

AppWatcher 2.2 has been released. Yet another update to this utility that tracks how you spend your time on the Mac.

FoolProof Security 3.3 is now available.

FontBuddy 1.3b2 is now out.

The Tilery 4.1b is the latest beta of this "Launcher-like" utility.

MiniCalendar 2.2 is now available.

VRAM Calculator 1.1 "tells you exactly how much VRAM you'll need to run at x by y pixels, z colors (a bits)."

Euro Assistant Pro 2.0 is a multilingual currency conversion calculator for the Macintosh.

iCab p1.6a (a preview released of a new web browser) and iCab Appearance Patch 1.6a have both been released.

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