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Utilities Updates: Virex beta; ROAM; OpenUsing; more

Utilities Updates: Virex beta; ROAM; OpenUsing; more

Virex Control Panel 6.01d1 is available. "This Development Release should ONLY be tested against the F9 release of OS 9 or later, it contains no additional functionality for OS systems prior to version 9."

ROAM 1.51b3 is the latest update to the utility that claims to speed up your "older" Mac by copying the ROM into RAM (mimicking how the iMac and newer desktop Macs work). "It fixes the double-X'd out icon for the extension when option is held at boot. It should also fix the FE0C crashing problem."

OpenUsing 1.5.1 is the latest version of this contextual menu plugin is used to open a file using an application other than the files creator. It is a maintenance release.

MacOS Items Manager 1.5.1 "shortens the startup delay for unregistered users. There is no change for registered users."

FoldersSynchronizer 1.4.2 has been released.

Griffin iMate 1.7 is out. This is the release version. It is Mac OS 9 compatible.

Agfa ScanWise 1.209 is out.

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