Utilities Updates: Toast; Shockwave; YankPro; more

Utilities Updates: Toast; Shockwave; YankPro; more

Adaptec's Toast 4.0 Deluxe, CD-Recorder software, is now available.

Macromedia Shockwave 7.02d159 includes latest privacy enhancements; Flash 4r14 is also available.

Software Hardware Tracker 3.3.3 New features include: a "CPU" value list in the Workstation Tracker; most of the Workstation Tracker's value lists updated to include recent PowerMacs' specifications; added a demo record for DXoft Get Info.

YankPro 3.2 is the latest update to this utility for managing/cleaning your Preferences folder and more.

MacDynDNS 1.0 has been released. It supports all features of the free dyndns.org service, multiple hostnames, wildcards and MX records as well as the new once a month "tickle" to keep accounts with extended IP leases active.

ViaHTTP 1.3 let's you start/resume HTTP downloads.

FoldersSynchronizer 1.2 is yet another recent update to this program.

Y2K Software Audit 1.32 checks your software for Y2K readiness.

Epson Stylus Pro 5000 5.6BE is the latest driver software for this printer.

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