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Utilities Updates: SuperDuper!�1.2.3(v65); FastTunes 1.0; TrackYourMac�1.0.3; more

Utilities Updates: SuperDuper! 1.2.3(v65); FastTunes 1.0; TrackYourMac 1.0.3; more

SuperDuper! 1.2.3(v65) is a tool to backup, clone, restore and more. The new release has an expanded manual, interface Improvements and enhanced error handling.

FastTunes 1.0 is a simple utility that helps you control iTunes. When you summon FastTunes, it shows the iTunes controls floating over your screen.

TrackYourMac 1.0.3 is a tool to track your lost or stolen Mac

VolumeInfo 1.2 is a menu bar item shows list of mounted volumes

Dock Switch 1.4 is a menubar item to switch between dock configs

  • SuperDuper! 1.2.3(v65)
  • FastTunes 1.0
  • TrackYourMac 1.0.3
  • VolumeInfo 1.2
  • Dock Switch 1.4
  • More from Utilities Updates