Utilities Updates: Sleeper; Timbuktu; Mt Everything; more

Utilities Updates: Sleeper; Timbuktu; Mt Everything; more

Sleeper 3.2 is out. It is Mac OS 9 compatible. It also includes numerous new features and bug fixes. For example: It has anew option to wake the screen when a program needs attention. Also, multiple devices on multiple IDE buses are now completely supported. This fixes "insomnia" problems with iMacs, G3 and G4 PowerMacs, and some older G3 systems. A bug has been fixed that caused some Macs to crash when waking from sleep. The web site has a complete list of changes.

Timbuktu Pro 5.21 has been released. It is Mac OS 9 compatible.

Mt. Everything 1.5.1 is the latest version of this drive/device mounting tool.

iCalendar for Mac Version 1.0! enables individuals, groups, and organizations to easily share their calendar events with the world of Internet users!

iDo Script Scheduler is a Control Panel that helps users automate their machines using AppleScript. The iDo Script Scheduler was previously highlighted in its "lite" mode within Mac OS 8.6 and remains freely available on the AppleScript site.

Wapp pro 2.3.3 has been released.

WebEvent 3.2b2 is the latest update to this World Wide Web calendar and scheduling software.

KeyPad 1.0.7 stores your passwords.

REALbasic 2.1a21 has been released. It has several bug fixes. These alpha releases are for testing purposes only and are not considered the current release of REALbasic.

Telnet 3 3.0a12 is the latest version of this telnet utility.

ProtoCalc SR/V is a calculator for the Mac OS.

TidyHTML 1.0b6 checks and corrects HTML and XML source.

SiteCam 4.1.4 is a "full-featured Web Cam program for putting live images and time-lapse movies on the Internet."

ATTO ExpressPCI 1.4.2 f1 updates are available (thanks, Version Tracker).

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