Utilities Updates: Silverlining Pro, Sleeper; Alarm Clock Pro; PrinterSwitch; Alpha; KinkyBeep; more

Utilities Updates: Silverlining Pro, Sleeper; Alarm Clock Pro; PrinterSwitch; Alpha; KinkyBeep; more

Silverlining Pro 6.4 adds Mac OS 9.1 support. Other changes to this disk formatting utility include numerous fixes and the latest firmware update for LaCie USB/FireWire drives. Fixes include reliable password protection, FireWire booting on selected Macintoshes with built-in FireWire ports, better plug & play USB/FireWire operations, and an optional 64KB block size capability for HFS partitions. [See previous coverage of problems with Silverlining and FireWire drives; presumably this update fixes the problem.]

Sleeper 3.2.3b3 is an Energy Saver control panel replacement that enhances the Mac's built-in sleep capabilities. New features include: desktop LCD display support, improved reliability on the PowerMac G4 and iMac DV, an option to enable processor cycling, and more. Fixes include: the conflict between Sleeper's passwords and Orange PC, the backlight is no longer turned off on PowerBooks if they restart with the screen dimmed, Mac OS 9 wake from sleep problems have been corrected, and the clocks on G4 PowerMacs no longer lose time when they're asleep.

Alarm Clock Pro 3.0.1 fixes flickering problems in stop watch and uptime displays, and a problem where a classic alarm had to be reset in some situations.

PrinterSwitch 1.6b2 can select printers without using the Chooser. This update fixes a resource-management bug which caused crashes and lockups in Beta 1 and it opens faster after initially launched.

Alpha 7.4.1 is a text editor for Fortran, C, Perl, HTML and more. This version Fixes a startup error when rebuilding package indices, and Revert to backup is enabled properly. It also adds rudimentary help to those packages completely missing help and updates to the Alpha documentation.

KinkyBeepII 2.0.1 is a sound synthesizer that creates custom system beep. This release includes improved editing of user waveforms, an improved user interface, and several bug fixes.

Gluon PresenterActive 1.52 fixes a bug in the registration code that prevented the code from being saved in this presentation and image management application.

Gluon PrintTrack 2.5 is a utility to track printing information from any application. This release adds a client pop-up menu, the ability to display job numbers by client , an auto archiving feature, the ability to send data to FileMaker automatically, simplified installation, and database improvements.

SlideRule 2.7 is a calculator with scientific functions and conversions. In this version most windows use the Appearance manager, more features have been added to the Tape window, and more options were added to the Preferences dialog. This update supports the PowerPC only and requires at least Mac OS 8.

iNotePad 1.2b4 is an alternative to Apple's Note Pad utility. This release fixes a crash which occurs when no note is selected and user moves the mouse cursor over "Move to Folder" icon, and it fixes a crash when using iPublish and the "HTML templates" folder is missing. It also has improved support for non roman languages.

CrushFTP 2.0fc1 is a Java-based FTP server. Changes to this release include adding average upload and download speed to the reports menu, recent logins now show an IP address, it is easier to add time restrictions to a user, updated tooltips, and the ability to report remotely.

iPI 1.0 displays your Mac's IP and copies it to the clipboard.

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