Utilities Updates: RealView; FinderPop; Technical Snapshot; more

Utilities Updates: RealView; FinderPop; Technical Snapshot; more

RealView 2.6.5 is an "application for the Mac OS computers, designed for fast viewing, converting and printing of text, image and data files. RealView can open any file and display its contents as an image, styled text (including embedded pictures), Plain Text or as a Hex dump."

FinderPop, the excellent contextual menu utility, moves up to version 1.8.

Technical Snapshot 2.0.2 is out. "The next time you contact a company for technical support, save yourself a lot of time and frustration by including a snapshot of your entire system. Technical Snapshot is easy to use, whether you're a Macintosh novice or a power user." Checks for damaged desktop files, System Folder files, PRAM corruption and more.

Finder's Friend 1.3.1 is another utility to facilitate quitting the Finder.

Desktop DB Diver has been updated to 1.0.2. Have you ever been curious as to exactly what is in the Mac's invisible Desktop database files? This new freeware utility lets you peek inside.

FontBuddy 1.2b4 is now out.

LockOut 1.1 "helps keep people from using your Mac while you're away."

Rebound 2.0b10 is the latest beta of this utility for restarting a crashed server.

YA NewsWatcher 4.2.3 is now available.

G3 Strip 1.9 is out.

Battery Checker 1.1 is out. It enables "users to determine if the PRAM (Clock) Battery in their Macintosh needs replacement."

CD-ROM SpeedTools 3.9.7 has been released.

Orange Micro's Grappler SCSI 930U Version 1.18 Firmware (930U only) is now a final (non-beta) release.

Griffin iMate 1.0 is now available "The software allows ADB devices such as dongles and others that require custom drivers to operate with the iMate adapter." Griffin's iPort Control is up to version 1.4 (updated March 26) and and the gPort driver is at 1.0.1.

SilverFast 4.2r2 is out. It's a "high-end" scanning software package that supports scanners from multiple vendors, including Agfa, Apple. Epson, HP, Microtek and UMAX.

Westcode has released a collection of new and updated OneClick Add-ons, including DialogMaker, AutoLaunch URLM and Netscape Amigo.

Blue Label Components Update fixes problems in ths DOS/Windows/Linux emulator.

PuppetTime Producer1.0d22 allows users to create 3D movies by commanding digital actors on a virtual stage with point and click ease. It works with Quicktime.

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