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Utilities Updates: piDock; A-Dock; Smart Scroll; Lights Out; Archive; Spam Vaccine; Password Retriever; more

Utilities Updates: piDock; A-Dock; Smart Scroll; Lights Out; Archive; Spam Vaccine; Password Retriever; more


piDock 1.4.4 is a hierarchical file navigation and launcher. This release fixes bugs that caused the menu to appear halfway off the screen and close prematurely.

A-Dock 2.6.6 is an application switcher and launcher a bit like OS X's Dock. This update fixes the black text tooltip problem, dragging a document now works if the document does not have a type and creator, plus it simplifies the installation of new skins and it sports a new QuickTime skin.

Smart Scroll 3.7.3 is a utility to control scroll speed and adds proportional scrollbar tabs. This is a maintenance release that adds Mac OS 9.2.2 compatibility.

Lights Out 1.1.1 is a screensaver featuring more control over Apple's Energy Saver. This release adds a scenic Alaska slideshow, improved handling of odd sized slides, and it gracefully exits when Mac OS X Classic is active.

Archive 4.7 is a disk catalog and file management utility. This release features an improved startup process with auto-dismiss splash screen, improved registration code system, integrated button bar controls at top of search window, plus improvements for printing, the launch feature, and help system. 

Spam Vaccine 1.1 is a Web site utility that can stop unwanted commercial email before it starts. Rather than filtering spam after you receive it, Spam Vaccine prevents spam by keeping your email address off the spam lists.

Password Retriever 2.6.8 fixes the copy function in the edit window, the clear clipboard on quit, and adds icons and a local service provider. It also improves the stability of menus under OS X.

MacInstall 1.5.5r2 is a developer tool to create installers for shareware products. This release adds some fixes and improvements for running under OS X.

Joliet Volume Access 2.0 enabled the Mac to read Joliet (Windows), and RockRidge CDs with long names. This version adds multi-session support, long file names in Cyrillic, and a Control Panel interface for setting preferences. 

Icon Exporter Plugin 1.5 is a simple exporting plug-in allowing Photoshop users to export composite RGB layer data as 32-bit millions of color Mac OS X (128 x 128 pixels) and Mac OS Classic (32 x 32 pixels) icons. In this release the exported icon is now written in ".icns" format and the icon data is copied to the data fork.

Atchoo 1.1.1 is a Carracho tool to save and manage server bookmarks. This is a big fix release. 

SwapTop 1.3 is a utility that downloads desktop pictures on a daily schedule. This update add export and browse features, a check for updates, and much more.

SilverFast Ai Microtek 5.5.1d03 adds HiRePP support, enhanced zoom, and is fully compatibilty with Photoshop 6. In addition, Gamma can now be applied to the 48 bit TIFF output file, so an image imported into Photoshop will be gamma-corrected,

Macsense WSR-5000 XRouter Aero 1.03RC4 is the latest firmware for this wireless router. It fixes a possible hang induced by wireless connections.

Macally USB Mouse/Trackball 3.2 is the latest driver for the iMouse, iBallPro, iSweetNet and iOpti.

APS PowerTools 6.4.3 is the latest release of this hard disk drive utility.

PodMaster 1000 9.7 is a tool to view songs installed on an iPod. This release adds some improvements to routines that save files into sorted folders.

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