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Utilities Updates: Mobile High Speed 3G�4.02; iSightWeb�1.0b10; KisMAC�0.11b; more

Utilities Updates: Mobile High Speed 3G 4.02; iSightWeb 1.0b10; KisMAC 0.11b; more

Mobile High Speed 3G 4.02 is a wizard for umts, edge, gprs, hscsd, gsm connections. The new release has support for the Novatel Merlin UMTS card, Motorola A385, and Siemens U15 phone.

iSightWeb 1.0b10 is a webcam for use with the iSight or any QuickTime-compatible camera

KisMAC 0.11b is a wireless sniffer

SuperScrubber 1.5 is a "disk sanitizer" that removes all files from a disk

iStumbler 86 is a tool to find wireless networks and graph signal strength

  • Mobile High Speed 3G 4.02