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Utilities Updates: Memory Guide; QuickTime; NetFinder; Mac Identifier; more

Utilities Updates: Memory Guide; QuickTime; NetFinder; Mac Identifier; more

Apple Memory Guide 6-99 is the latest version of this Adobe Acrobat document containing memory upgrade information for Macs and LaserWriters.

Apple has released a stand-alone version of the QuickTime 4 installer that does not require a Internet connection to do the installation.

NetFinder 2.0.1b1 is the latest beta of the next version of this excellent ftp client.

Mac Identifier 3.0.2, the model name identifying utility, fixes a bug in earlier versions that prevented it from running correctly on foreign versions of the Mac OS, such as KanjiTalk.

FastFontMenu 2.1.1 is out. It updates the just released 2.1 version of this is a Control Panel which speeds up the building of the Font Menu in most applications.

Blue Label PowerEmulator 1.5 will upgrade your version 1.0 to version 1.5. It includes all previous updates and has some new features added.

DoItAllText 2.1 is a text editor, image viewer, movie player and more.

uCalendar 1.7.1 is a simple and easy-to-use calendar utility.

PrintCalendar 1.2 is on this web page (when its bandwidth has not been exceeded).

QuickPeek 1.0 "utility to take a peek into your System Folder, open the individual Folders, Files or move them to the Desktop. You can also delete the selected File or launch a Control Panel or Apple Menu Item."

Sherlock Menu 2.5 "installs a System-wide shortcut menu to the Sherlock Search tool."

Calculator v1.0 is "a novel calculator based upon 'fifth generation' and declarative programming languages. It is easy to use, yet extremely powerful and is ideal for experimenting, schools and for everyday calculations.

Euro Assistant Pro v2.0.1 is now an easy-to-use, but powerful currency conversion tool directed to both European and non-European users.

Blue World has added a trio of fixes for Lasso 3.5.

One Touch Scan 1.0.4 works so that when you push the One-Touch button on an Epson scanner, it will launch Photoshop and open the Epson twain and start the scan automatically.

Sonnet Crescendo 1.3.7 has been released.

iDock and Mini-iDock 1.1b1 drivers are out.