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Utilities Updates: Mailsmith�2.1.1; APC Tracker�4.1; RemoteCapture�1.3; more

Utilities Updates: Mailsmith 2.1.1; APC Tracker 4.1; RemoteCapture 1.3; more

Mailsmith 2.1.1 is an email client with filtering, searching, scripting tools. The new version is a maintenance release to fix reported issues and add minor enhancements and refinements.

APC Tracker 4.1 is a client for an APC UPS in a network environment. The new release has more reliable error reporting and improved Panther compatiblity.

RemoteCapture 1.3 is a tool to share your screen via browser; includes rendezvous support.

RBrowser 3.3.3 is a graphical FTP/SFTP/SSH client. The new release has SSL fixes.

Synergy 1.0a3 is an iTunes menubar control, hotkeys, cover art display

Safari Enhancer 2.0.8 enhances the functionality of Safari. The new release is Safari 1.2 friendly.

iListen 1.6.4 Italian is a speech recognition product. The new release adds the ability to address items in the Mac OS X Services menu and adds support for Hierarchical Menus in its built-in Script Editor.

  • Mailsmith 2.1.1
  • APC Tracker 4.1
  • RemoteCapture 1.3
  • RBrowser 3.3.3
  • Synergy 1.0a3
  • Safari Enhancer 2.0.8
  • iListen 1.6.4 Italian
  • More from Utilities Updates