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Utilities Updates: MacMedic; TechTool Pro; Apple USB card, Mac OS X; GURU; more

Utilities Updates: MacMedic; TechTool Pro; Apple USB card, Mac OS X; GURU; more

MacMedic 1.8 is now shipping. MacMedic 2.0 is due in October.

TechTool Pro 2.5.1 is "the first major update in ten months to the TechTool Pro diagnostic package. It adds a new Trash Cache feature; Improved recovery routines; Mac OS 8.6 compatibility and support for the latest Mac hardware and peripherals. Note: MicroMat's servers have been overloaded and you may have trouble getting through. If you do get in, the site lists several mirrors for downloading the software.

Apple USB Adapter Card Support 1.2 "is a set of software extensions that provide support for USB PCI adapter cards installed in Macintosh computers. This software will not install on Power Macintosh computers with USB ports built-in. Support for built-in USB ports and USB PCI adapter cards is already included in these systems."

Mac OS X Server Update 1.0-2 includes avariety of bug fixes.

GURU 2.8 is out. It's the latest version of this program that lists the memory specifications of all Mac models.

GlobalFax Scheduling Updater provides a Y2K fix. It s only needed for certain Global Village modems, as listed on the page.

Fresh Start 1.0b3 is the latest update to this utility for resetting to default preferences settings on restart. It's useful if you have multiple users on one machine and do not want to preserve any preferences changes users might make.

MP3 File Converter 1.1 is out. The new version now supports conversion to five players: MacAmp, SoundJam, QuickTime, SoundApp, and MPEG Audio Player.

DiskTracker 2.0b8, a disk cataloging utility, is now available.

NetFinder 2.01b2 is the latest update of this ftp client.

DiskLock 4.5.1 is now available.

LaCie USB extensions 1.1 have been released.

3Dfx Macintosh Voodoo 2 beta drivers have been posted.