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Utilities Updates: Mac Pilot�1.1; Open Subfolder X�1.0.5; Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection�1.0.2; more

Utilities Updates: Mac Pilot 1.1; Open Subfolder X 1.0.5; Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection 1.0.2; more

Mac Pilot 1.1 is a tool to access hidden options in OS X and applications. The new release has a "Display Expose" button.

Open Subfolder X 1.0.5 is a CMM to open a folder inside a folder

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection 1.0.2 is a client to connect to PCs.

iPalmMemo 0.1.6 is a simple memo app and Palm conduit

End Hanging Disconnect 1.0 force quits hanging Internet "Disconnect..."

  • Mac Pilot 1.1
  • Open Subfolder X 1.0.5
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop C...
  • iPalmMemo 0.1.6
  • End Hanging Disconnect 1.0...
  • More from Utilities Updates