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Utilities Updates: Intuit Quicken 2004 R3�13.0.2; Timbuktu Pro�7.0.1; more

Utilities Updates: Intuit Quicken 2004 R3 13.0.2; Timbuktu Pro 7.0.1; more

Intuit Quicken 2004 R3 13.0.2 is financial management software. This release solves an issue where if you are running the R2 version of Quicken 2004, you may notice that you are not able to manually clear or unclear transactions in the register.

Timbuktu Pro 7.0.1 is a remote control, file transfer and collaboration tool. In the new release, files greater than 2GB in size are now handled correctly during Send and Exchange sessions, and their file size is now displayed correctly. Also, autoscrolling performance on Jaguar computers has been significantly improved.

Check Preference Files 1.6.9 is a tool to check preference files for corruption

XShuffler 0.8 is an X11 configuration editor

Ram Disk Creator 1.0 Beta is a tool to create RAM disks.

  • Intuit Quicken 2004 R3 13....
  • Timbuktu Pro 7.0.1
  • Check Preference Files 1.6...
  • XShuffler 0.8
  • Ram Disk Creator 1.0 Beta