Utilities Updates: Graphic Converter; Extension Overload; DAVE; more

Utilities Updates: Graphic Converter; Extension Overload; DAVE; more

Graphic Converter 3.7.2 has been released.

Extension Overload 4.6 covers extensions and control panels from Mac OS 9.

DAVE 2.5 is out. DAVE allows Macintosh users to share files and PostScript printers with Windows NT, Windows 95/98, and Windows 2000 users. DAVE 2.5 supports Mac OS 9.

WhatRoute 1.6b3 is needed for use with Mac OS 9.

iEmpower 5.7 is now shipping. It requires Mac OS 9.

Drag'nBack 3.0.1 is the latest version of this back up utility. It fixes a problem with the Skip on Error option.

MacLoad 1.0a3 is an alpha version of a utility that tells you how much CPU time each application is being given. The load that each application is placing on the CPU is expressed as a percentage.

ramBunctious 1.3.2 is the latest version of this RAM Disk utility.

Email Cleaner 1.11 cleans up email and newsgroup text, including fixing word wrapping.

FavorStrip 2.2 is the latest version of this Control Strip Module to launch application files, other files, folders, disks and servers, and Internet URLs stored in the Favorites folder.

iCalendar1.1 is now available. The new version fixes a couple of bugs which were reported after the previous release, adds a new Restore Icons feature, and makes a few other minor improvements. The new version has also been tested with Mac OS 9 and is fully compatible.

iAddress 2.3 is a "PIM, URL manager, text clippings server and file manager all rolled into one application."

C3 Offline Reference for October is out.

Modem Puppet Show 2.0 now includes several generic modem scripts that will run any 14.4/28.8/33.6/56K modem.

Live Deskpicture 1.0b2 creates a dynamic image of the earth that updates as the world turns. Use it as a desktop background picture.

Rockstar Gearbox Connection Kit 2.1 is now available. The upgrade allows customers to register online for branded Internet services, and integrates support of billing systems from Boardtown Corp., HURLnET and ISP Power Corp.

Nu Sans font family 9.3 is now available in PostScript and TrueType flavors. This version adds Mac OS 9.0 compatibility. Nu Sans is inspired by Apple Computer's Espy Sans bitmap font.

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