Utilities Updates: GeForce driver; FoldersSynchronizer; Tri-BACKUP; The Tilery; NetFinder; more

Utilities Updates: GeForce driver; FoldersSynchronizer; Tri-BACKUP; The Tilery; NetFinder; more

Apple GeForce 2 MX 1.0.1 is firmware and drivers for the GeForce video card. The only change to this release is an updated installer that should work properly on all appropriate machines. Dick Platt reports success with this update, with is noteworthy because the previous installer refused to update his 533 MHz single processor Mac (digital audio).

FoldersSynchronizer 2.0.5 is a tool to synch and backup files and folders. This version adds the ability to exclude files, changes to the choose file dialogs, and fixes several minor bugs, including selecting files, updating menus after a timed task, and saving changes to the configuration file.

Tri-BACKUP 2.27 is a back-up utility. This release improves the shutdown features and optimizes speed for copy and compression when in background.

The Tilery 4.2 is a launcher palette for applications, documents, folders, and more. With this update the Path menu item in each tile's menu gives easy access to other items in the same folder and in parent folders. It also fixes an obscure bug that could cause Finder problems when the Finder to Front at Startup option was enabled while Virtual Memory was turned off.

NetFinder 2.2.1b2 is an FTP client with a Finder-like interface. This version fixes a number of issues, including: missing the shift key, assigning an Apple command key modifier (e.g. Apple-F) for a script, a bug in the code to execute items in the Script and Shortcuts menu under OS X, serial numbers under Carbon, upgraded PPC build to use InternetConfig 2.x, and more.

Dot What? 1.4 is the latest version of this directory of file extensions and related applications.

Word Translator 4.2.1 is a foreign language translation and dictionary. This bug fix release fixes a bug that causes the program to stop working after April 1st.

DataViz Documents To Go 3.004 is a utility to view and edit Office files on a Palm device. The only change in this version is PDF To Go.

Cabrio 1.0 is a simple, compact MP3 player. This version improves speed and stability, enhances the Watch Folder, and fixes issues with the playlist window.

Auction Action Tracker 2.8.7 helps organize, monitor, and bid on eBay auctions. This release improves the parsing engine for eBay Motors items and adds a Mac OS X version.

SilverFast SE Epson / LaCie 5.2.0 is commercial scanner software. This update works with Photoshop 6 and adds full support for Apple Appearance Manager.

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