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Utilities Updates: Gather Items; FontLine; a2pix; QXP Images Catalog; QXP Photobook; more

Utilities Updates: Gather Items; FontLine; a2pix; QXP Images Catalog; QXP Photobook; more

Gather Items 3.1 is a contextual menu module to move selected items into one common folder. it adds three new types of gather operations: Move into folder; Copy info folder; and Alias into folder.

FontLine PR2.0 is a utility to download a directory of font Web sites. This update now allows users to browse categories with the return and arrow keys, and it includes a number of minor interface enhancements.

a2pix b6 can open Apple II graphics on a Mac and save them to QuickTime formats. It supports HGR and DHGR, DazzleDraw, Beagle '.aux,' 816 Paint, and MouseDraw file types, or any graphic BSAVE pict, a$2000, l$2000. This update fixes a crashing bug, improves the thumbnail preview, and more.

QXP Images Catalog 2.8 creates and manages a catalog of images for QuarkXPress. This version can now detects DCS files generated from Xpress 4.x (for function “Exclude DCS”) and includes other minor internal optimizations.

QXP PhotoBook 2.1.4 is another image catalog utility for QuarkXPress. This update is now PPC only, and it includes some minor interface improvements.

Extensis Preflight Pro 2.2 identifies and corrects prepress printing problems. This version improves Illustrator support to accurately inspect version 8 and 9 .ai and EPS files and it modifies PDF support to match Preflight Online.

Suck It Down! 1.0 is a utility to download all of the images on a Web page and put them into the folder of your choice. It will also display JPEG and GIF images as they are downloading, like a mini slide show.

DiskCatalogMaker 2.4 is a utility to catalog CDs, disks, and other removable media. This version adds Mac OS X compatibility.

Signature Randomizer 1.1 is a utility to select a different e-mail signature with each system restart. This update fixes a crashing bug with certain signatures in the database.

AcidJazz 1.1.1 is an Ircle script. This update fixes queue notification problems and should prevent excess flood messages.

Movie2MPEG 0.1d6 is a QuickTime movie to MPEG 1 converter. This version is a Carbon port, and is faster, supports DV streams, and the G4 version supports Altivec acceleration.

WeatherCenter 1.5 displays current weather conditions and a TV-style weather outlook. This version has full international support, customizable themes, improvements to the preferences panel, and faster load times.

QuickFinance 3.5 is a personal finance manager for home and business. This update supports unlimited accounts, charts and 3D graphs, quick data entry, and a summary window that shows info month by month.