Utilities Updates: DropIcon; Mac INIT Strings; Mozilla; more

Utilities Updates: DropIcon; Mac INIT Strings; Mozilla; more

DropIcon 2.0.1 "is an easy-to-use "drag & drop" utility for adding custom preview icons to image files, similar to those created by Adobe Photoshop and other image editors." It features 32bit icon support.

Mac INIT Strings 2.5.1 helps you to find the correct string for your modem from its database of over 70 modem manufacturers and over 700 modem models. The new version "contains a number of bug fixes."

Mozilla M7 (a preview version of the Netscape's 5.0 browser) is now available.

Days To Go 2.1 is the latest version of this reminder utility.

The Tilery 4.1b7 is the latest beta of this Launcher-like utility.

Mizer 1.6.1 is out.

Momentum SmartPorts 6.0 is out. Keene Haywood reports that he still could not use this version to "sync with the Palm Pilot. Not sure if the problem is on Momentum's end or Palm Computing's end."

Update: A reader replies: "The Read Me document states that if you have HotSync enabled, the entire serial port cannot be used for other connections. One can HotSync if one keeps HotSync disabled and then uses HotSync Manager to toggle the HotSync on and off."

Renamer 2.0 is out. New for this release are: a redesigned interface, some new options for configuring the time-to-time running of Renamer, and the Renamer Contextual Menu Plugin.

Planet Earth 2.0.6 corrects a problem associated with proxy server connections.

iTools 5.0 public beta is now available. It is a "suite of Internet tools for Apple's next-generation Mac OS X Server."

SiteCam 4.0 allows you to add Web Cam capability to a web site. It now features "an integrated Web server and an updated, more powerful streaming media engine."

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