Utilities Updates: CopyPaste; Extensions Overload; DragStrip; Text Cleaner; Font Finder; more

Utilities Updates: CopyPaste; Extensions Overload; DragStrip; Text Cleaner; Font Finder; more

CopyPaste 4.4.2 allows for multiple clipboards so you can copy several items in succession and then paste them all in another location. The update adds a laundry list of new features.

Extension Overload 5.7.1 offers detail information of 4358 extensions and control panels, control strip modules and contextual menu items in your system.

DragStrip 3.7.2 lets you "launch, find, and organize applications and documents quickly and efficiently. DragStrip gives you drag and drop on your desktop and much more." It is now Mac OS 9.1 compatible.

Web Devil 5.3 is a tool for downloading web sites for offline browsing, extracting web site images, backgrounds, HTML, JavaScript, Shockwave, etc., helping to maintain web sites for content authors, and more. It also hasfiltering capabilities. The update fixes problems with some users getting "Not connected" results and adds minor feature enhancements.

Text Cleaner 2.0b3 is a utility to "clean" text files of unwanted characters and formatting. In this update, cleaning operations have been accelerated up to 300%.

Font Finder 1.2.1 allow you to view different fonts and find special characters. The update is Mac OS 9.1 Compatible and Appearance Manager savvy.

Mail Beacon 1.2 can tell you when get new mail, and when messages are deleted. You can also read all of your mail online, filter spam, and trash large attachments. Among other things, the update fixes a number of filter related bugs.

Email2FMP 1.8 is a set of FileMaker Pro databases which import and parse Eudora, Eudora Lite, Eudora Pro, and Netscape Communicator mailboxes. The update adds support for Eudora Pro, Light and Sponsored mailboxes for Mac and Windows; Netscape Communicator 4 and 6 mailboxes for Mac and Windows; mail.app mailboxes for Mac OS X Public Beta.

AShare Helper 2.0b6 is an application to help AppleShare IP Server Administrators with the upkeep of their Servers by doing a number of minor tasks, then sending notification to remote locations via email.

Key Holder 0.3 gives you quick and easy access to your online account login information. A new Find and Find Again menu commands allow searching the Accounts list.

WakieWakie 1.0 works like Apple's Startup Items Folder feature - except it works when waking from sleep rather than at startup.

Gluon PresenterActive 1.51 is the latest version of this presentation and image management software. The update fixes a bug in encapsulation and collect when files subsequently moved.

iView MediaPro 1.0.1 lets you view, organize and present the growing number of photos, images, movies, sounds, fonts and other media files on your disks. The update fixes several bugs.

UMAX VistaScan 3.75 is the latest version of the driver's for some UMAX scanners (check this page for compatibility info). We have no word yet as to whether it helps with Mac OS 9.1-related problems, as reported here before.

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