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Utilities Updates: Backup Simplicity�1.1.3; EasyWMA�1.0; Differences Examiner�1.3; more

Utilities Updates: Backup Simplicity 1.1.3; EasyWMA 1.0; Differences Examiner 1.3; more

Backup Simplicity 1.1.3 is an automatic tool to create daily bootable backups. The new release adds a fix for a condition which could cause the backup disk to not be found, when it has been repeatedly disconnected and reconnected.

EasyWMA 1.0 is a tool to convert WMA audio files to MP3

Differences Examiner 1.3 is a tool to compare text files and highlight differences.

MailUnreadStatusBar 0.1 shows unread status of in menu bar.

Safari Prairiefire 0.9.6 is a tool to clean up and scan for expired bookmarks.

Folder Icon X 1.8.3 makes customized folder icons.

ShareAlike 1.0 is a tool to share iTunes and iPhoto libraries between user accounts.

  • Backup Simplicity 1.1.3