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Utilities Updates: Apple CHUD Tools�3.5.1; USBVision�1.1; JellyfiSSH�3.1.2; more

Utilities Updates: Apple CHUD Tools 3.5.1; USBVision 1.1; JellyfiSSH 3.1.2; more

Apple CHUD Tools 3.5.1 is a set of utilities that can be invaluable in solving some troubleshooting issues. CHUD stands for Computer Hardware Understanding Development. The new release fixed a permissions problem (system folders being set to incorrect owner/permissions), and made the following individual utilitiy enhancements:

  • Shark: Significantly improved symbol and source lookup speed (sample processing).
  • MONster: added ability to hide index and timebase columns.
  • Amber: fixed tracing of processes utilizing 64-bit instructions in leaf functions.
  • aturn: Significantly optimized tracing.

USBVision 1.1 is a set of USB video capture device drivers

JellyfiSSH 3.1.2 is a SSH login helper utilty.

IPer 1.5.1 finds your IP or a web site's IP

  • Apple CHUD Tools 3.5.1
  • USBVision 1.1
  • JellyfiSSH 3.1.2
  • IPer 1.5.1
  • More from Utilities Updates