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Utilities Updates: Alarm Clock Pro; SysMenu; InterMapper; QuickConvert; LockItCMPlugin; PresOverload; more

Utilities Updates: Alarm Clock Pro; SysMenu; InterMapper; QuickConvert; LockItCMPlugin; PresOverload; more

Alarm Clock Pro 3.6b4 is an MP3 alarm clock with several alarm types and options. Several of the long list of changes include time zones, 15 perpetual alarms, 15 classic alarms, menu icons, and added keyboard shortcuts.

SysMenu 1.0.3 can launch docs, applications, and from a universal menu. Changes include fixing a rare crashing bug, a new installer, and fixes a problem saving preferences.

InterMapper 3.5b9 is a utility to monitor servers and networks with pings, SNMP and custom probes. This update adds Mac OS X compatibility, custom SNMP probes, a BeepSpeak notifier speaks the text of a notification, a snooze alarm, multiple email addresses, and more.

QuickConvert 1.1.3 is a batch-oriented file creator and type code converter with a favorites menu. This update supports dragging a folder of items into the batch list, it fixes several bugs, and adds a remove all button.

PrefsOverload 3.0 is a tool for managing files in the Preferences folder. This version can search and locate damaged files, it can manage non-standard preferences folders, and scanning is now multithreaded.

LockItCMPlugin 1.0 is a contextual menu plugin for locking files. UnlockItCMPlugin 1.0 unlocks files.

FilePathToClipCMPlugin 1.0.1 is a contextual memory module to copy a file path to the Clipboard.

SwapTop 1.0 downloads a desktop picture each day. It allows users to set up a schedule to automatically download a random desktop picture each day, to download a featured daily picture, and to search the WebShots image archive.

Download Deputy Turbo 4.5.9 is a bug fix release for this file download accelerator and manager.

FaceEdit 2.0.1 is a visual Audion face editor. Changes include removing the vers resource from the default face, palettes may be repositions freely, and a speed increase.

AsyncKeys 1.3 displays ASCII and keyboard reference numbers to key combinations. Changes to this version include a new viewer editor, bug fixes, and it now has persistent window positions.

Thumbnailer 1.2 is a tool to create Web pages with thumbnails. This update adds a few new features include a favorites button.

PhotoGrid 2.01 is a basic image viewer with resizable thumbnails. This version fixes Show and Expand menu sync, launching under Classic, and the Apple menu.

Spymac 1.0 maintains a log of the times your Mac is started and shutdown.

Software Database 6.2 is an AppleWorks database to organize software serial numbers and more.

Carracho 1.0b3 is a client/server similar to Hotline, but with more features. The client features added support for sorting servers, and networking related bug fixes. Changes to the server includes bug fixes, including filename uploads are now listed properly.

Dolly-Chat 1.2 is a real time IP chat tool.

Contact Keeper 3.6.4 is an address book program. This release fixes saving when all reminders are removed, and uses a different keyboard shortcut for the phone dialer to avoid a conflict with Mac OS X.

RPN Calculator 1.2 fixes the modulus routine to work as expected for huge negative complex numbers as well as for huge positives. Division now behaves as expected for huge complex values. Arc and Hyp functions now available as keyboard shortcuts. Mem and Rcl are now available as keyboard shortcuts. Added dms->deg->dms conversion.

ArtSwapper 4.0 quickly switches between low & high res images in QuarkXPress.

Agfa FotoLook 3.6b1 is driver software. It adds Mac OS X support, improved ColorSync support, and increased stability by using preflight checking.

VueScan 7.1.4 is an alternate film scanner driver for Nikon, Minolta, HP, and others. This update fixes problems with FireWire SCSI converters connected to Nikon scanners, color fidelity when scanning film, and ScanMaker V. Also adds support for UMAX 600S.

Linksys 1-4 port cable/DSL router 1.39 is firmware for BEFSR41 and BEFSR11 routers.