Utilities Updates

Utilities Updates

Web Buddy 2.0 is out.

FinderPop 1.7.2 is out.

Update: Several readers (including Kevin Staples and David Bassin) reported Finder freezes with just previously released version 1.7. This new update should fix this.

Apple has released MacsBug 6.5.4a6.

Surf Express 1.5 is out. This is the Mac OS 8.5 compatible version that we noted here last week.

Asante NetDoubler 1.5.2 is out. This is the version that we previously reported as available directly from Asante, but not yet online. It's now online.

Updated Asanate drivers Asante also has updated drivers for its PCI 10/100 Ethernet Card (3.0.2) and FriendlyNet PC Card (4.0).

Mercutio Patcher 2.1 has been released.

MouseHouse 2.0.4 is out. This update to the home automation software is need for Mac OS 8.5 compatibility.

PowerWindows 2.0.3 adds Mac OS 8.5 compatibility.

SmoothType 2.0.2 is also Mac OS 8.5 compatible.

Vicomsoft Internet Gateway 5.0 and Vicomsoft SoftRouter Plus 5.0 have been released.

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