Utilities Updates

Utilities Updates

FinderPop 1.6 is out. It fixes a few bugs and has a rewritten-from-scratch icon gathering and drawing scheme.

Desktop Resetter 1.1.1 is out. It now remembers the Trash and Disk icons, has multi-resolution support, and hot keys. It also fixes a problem on some machines where it would report a Finder Error when Auto Switch to Background was turned on in the preferences. (Thanks, Version Tracker.)

ClearPhone 5.0 is out "Engineering Consulting is pleased to announce the Preview release of ClearPhone Pro 5.0. It features the new Hi-speed video send capability SynchroMotion which enables your Mac to send and receive simultaneous high speed Hi-resolution video and Hi-Fidelity audio."

webAlias 1.1 is out. The program is an integrated image map editor and anti-aliasing text tool. The update improves webAlias' compatibility with Mac OS 8.x and adds the ability to export a selected area of a panel as an image map.

IXMICRO's ix3D Installer 1.02 (for the Ultimate Rez card) is out.

FWB CD-ROM Toolkit 3.0.2 is out.

SilverLining 5.8.3 and SilverLining Lite 2.2.1 are out.

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