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Turn on the tongs

The Parasia E577 Digital BBQ Tongs combine a couple of popular features into the one tool. The tongs integrate a thermometer and a flashlight, offering convenience while at the grill.

And then don't forget to turn off the tongs when done.
And then don't forget to turn off the tongs when done. Parasia

There is no one great secret to turning out successful results at the grill--there are, however, a lot of little ones. One of those little secrets that really isn't much of a secret is that it is important to have the right tool for the job. But which tool and which job might be something of an unknown. It sounds like a catch-22, not being able to know what is needed before it is needed, but one way to avoid that is to have one tool that packs in a bit of everything. Since every griller needs a tool to handle the food, it might as well start with tongs.

The Parasia E577 Digital BBQ Tongs utilize a couple of features designed to assist backyard grillers beyond just moving things on and off the grill. The "Digital" in the product name refers to a detachable LCD display that houses a thermometer readout as well as an LED flashlight. The thermometer probe is incorporated into the tongs directly, allowing for grillers to simply squeeze the tool to get a readout. After users select which of seven types of meat they are grilling, the readout displays the recommended temperature, along with the actual temperature and then sounds an alarm when the two meet.

While the gimmicky gadget probably won't reveal any secrets of the grill, the incorporated flashlight will certainly come in handy for those extended grill sessions. And after a hard day (and night) of grilling, the display pops off, allowing for the tongs to be easily cleaned--one successful tip that anyone can appreciate.