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Troubleshooting Retrospect 5.1: Autolaunch workaround

Troubleshooting Retrospect 5.1: Autolaunch workaround

As noted yesterday, Retrospect 5.1 (version 6 has been announced, but not shipped) has a fairly serious flaw where the application may inconsistently autolaunch. Leaving Retrospect running will allow for script execution.

Now Thad Salmon offers a reasonable workaround:

  • Enable fast user switching in System Preferences
  • Log into administrative account from which you run Retrospect scripts and don't log out
  • Fast switch to your normal account.

This works because after you've performed the procedure, and you log into and out of your normal (nonadmin account), your admin account is always running in the background. As long as your computer is running and as long as your admin account that runs Retrospect is logged on, Retrospect should run its scripts on schedule.


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