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Troubleshooting Mac OS X 10.3: Palm confirms that Desktop Software 4.1 problem; Default Folder X workarounds

Troubleshooting Mac OS X 10.3: Palm confirms that Desktop Software 4.1 problem; Default Folder X workarounds

Palm confirms that Desktop Software 4.1 problem We previously reported problems with the installation of Palm's Desktop Software 4.1 under Mac OS X 10.2.8. Now MacFixIt reader Kate has confirmed with Palm technical support that the software will have problems Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) as well:

"The Palm Desktop software is not currently compatible with the Mac OS 10.3. Palm Engineers are aware of this issue and are working on an upgrade. Currently, there is no fix available for the issue, I suggest you to keep checking the following Palm web site for updates:"

UPDATE: Joshua Ochs reports a workaround for problems using HotSync, which are apparently the root of the incompatibility statement from Palm.

""It appears that the Palm Desktop installer is choking on installing the HotSync libraries. It further appears these can be copied over from Jaguar (or, if you're upgrading, then they'll already be in place). The critical files are in /Library/Application Support/Palm Hotsync and /Library/CFMSupport/Hotsync Libraries.

"I have not verified that a Hotsync will actually take place (as I have not finished upgrading), but this does resolve the problem of Hotsync Manager and others not launching with shared library errors.

Some readers have reported no problems running HotSync from a fresh installation of the Palm Desktop 4.1 software.

Default Folder X workarounds As we reported yesterday, if you have Default Folder X 1.8 (or earlier) installed, you will not be able to run any applications after installing Panther if Default Folder X is running. We've now received two solutions from Jon Gotow at St. Clair Software:

A) Before upgrading to Mac OS X Panther, download and install Default Folder X 1.9.1, which is fully compatible with Panther. It is available from:

B) If you have already installed Panther, you must log in without launching Default Folder X. To do this, follow these steps:
  • If you have your computer set to automatically log in after starting up, hold down the shift key as soon as the Mac OS X progress bar appears during startup. You will then be prompted to log in rather than being logged in automatically.
  • Enter your password and then hold the shift key down while logging in. Keep the Shift key held down until you see the menu bar. This will disable all applications that normally run at log-in time.
  • Once you have logged in without Default Folder X running, immediately open System Preferences, select Default Folder X, and turn off its "Launch at Login" option. You can then proceed to download and install the new version of Default Folder X from the URL above.

St. Clair Software has set up a special e-mail address to route Mac OS X 10.3 issues:

Lineage not compatible The Web site for NCSoft's role-playing subscription game, Lineage, states "At this time, the current Lineage Macintosh client is not compatible with the upcoming Panther upgrade. We are currently working to resolve this compatibility issue and will make an announcement when the Panther upgrade is supported for use with the Lineage Macintosh client."

Solving an odd login problem Alan Linnenbank reports that his home directory was somehow changed to include an unnecessary IP address prefix, causing an inability to login. Changing the home directory link after logging in as root solved the problem:

"After upgrading a system to Panther that had been upgraded to 10.2.8 since the first preview releases of OSX. I stumbled on to a solution to a slow login problem I had. I had the slow startup problem in 10.2.8 and previous versions but after upgrading to Panther my system wouldn't login anymore at all (mind you I had auto login enabled). After booting the Panther system I would get the message that my home/dir was on an AFP server and that the system could not log me on.

"So I tried logging on as root and started NetInfo manager. Located the user that couldn't login and checked his home directory. turned out that he had a line there stating that his home dir was something like: aFP://ipadress/Users/username instead of /Users/username. I changed that line and now the user can login just fine and no more startup delays! Apparently Jaguar would eventually find the home dir and login wick was painfully slow, but Panther wouldn't login at all."

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