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Troubleshooting CyberStudio 2

Troubleshooting CyberStudio 2

Following up on the previous item on GoLive's CyberStudio (which overall looks like an excellent web site design application): Benjamin Müller was having problems with new CyberStudio 2. In particular, he was getting Type 12 errors. He tracked down what appeared to be the cause of these errors to CyberStudio's Project Module and perhaps to a conflict with some QuickDraw 3D extensions. He wrote to GoLive about this. While they did not directly confirm his findings, their reply did list several problems that they could confirm (some of which are also in the ReadMe file that ships with CyberStudio). These include:

a. Crashing during startup may be due to a damaged preference file.
b. Adobe Type Reunion may cause garbage characters in pop-up menus.
c. PowerFPU and SoftwareFPU will cause crashing when quitting CyberStudio or saving a file.
d. CyberStudio may crash while loading pages that reference graphics that were automatically converted from PICTs to GIFs using PageMill. The work-around is to open these graphics in something like Photoshop and resave.
e. Speed Doubler or Ram Doubler may causes problems.
f. Kaleidoscope 1.7 and 1.7.1 may not be compatible with CyberStudio 2.0 for Mac OS 8. It may cause Type 10 errors.