Troubleshoooting WindowShade 2.1.1: File renaming

Troubleshoooting WindowShade 2.1.1: File renaming


We previously reported a bug in WindowShade 2.1.1 that causes the names of files to disappear in some instances when a window is collapsed, and restored. Clicking below the file's icon to rename it causes the text to disappear, replaced by a blank white space.

The bug is not apparent with all system configurations, but we have confirmed it on our in-house Power Macintosh G4/733, alongside several dozen readers. Jean-Jacques Ardoino offers a simple, if awkward solution:

"I often have this bug, but have found a rudimentary workaround. I just set WindowShade's preferences to keep the yellow window button as a minimize function (moving it to the dock), then I maximize the window again. Generally, I can edit the names after that."

If you have any insight on this issue, drop us a line at

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