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Trendnet's first 802.11ac router now shipping

Trendnet announces the availability of its first 802.11ac router, the TEW-812DRU.

Trendnet AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Router, model TEW-812DRU
Trendnet AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Router, model TEW-812DRU Dong Ngo/CNET

Power users now have another option for their home Wi-Fi networks.

Trendnet announced today the availability of the AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Router (model TEW-812DRU). This router was first showcased at CES 2013 and is the first from Trendnet to support the new 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard.

The TEW-812DRU router is a true dual-band router that offers a maximum wireless speed of up to 450Mbps on the 2.4GHz frequency band, while at the same time offering up to 1,300Mbps speed on the 5GHz band. To take advantage of the new and much faster speed, the wireless clients also need to support 802.11ac. Nonetheless, the new router works with all existing Wi-Fi clients on the market, at the speed of their respective Wi-Fi standards.

In addition, the AC1750 supports Gigabit Ethernet, guest network, and WPS, and a network storage feature when coupled with an external hard drive.>

The AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Router is now available for purchase at a suggested price of $230. Check back soon for an in-depth review.