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Travel coffee mug races into mornings

The Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug features distinctive styling. Complete with chrome accents, an on/off analog temperature gauge, and a 12-volt DC adapter, the travel mug helps to get mornings off to a fast start.

Cruising and sipping in style.
Cruising and sipping in style. Think Geek

Not everybody likes calm mornings. For some, the revved-up frenetic pace that is set by the attempt to get out the door on time is the very thing that gets them going. In short, some people only operate at breakneck speed, and for those select few, they now have a coffee mug to match.

Of course, with the vroom-vroom lifestyle of the fast and the caffeinated, no slow, stationary mug will do; it must be a travel mug. The Hot Rod Heated Travel Mug fulfills all of the requirements necessary for a fast (coffee) drinking lifestyle: a candy apple red paint job (also available in midnight glossy black), a 12-volt DC adapter for in-car heating and a retro analog gauge for exceptional handling. (Otherwise known as a temperature gauge.) Completing the look are chrome accents and an on/off toggle switch that fires up the mug with a green LED light to signal the start of the race.

Despite all of those high-end optional features included as standard, getting to see the checkered flag at the finish line might require refueling; the mug only holds 8 ounces of fluid. Luckily, the proliferation of drive-through coffee stands means that making a pit stop at a filling station barely has to mean slowing down.