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Trap your scraps

Chopping vegetables means cleaning up a big pile of scraps, unless you slide them into the Scrap Trap as you work. The trap converts any counter space into a prep station.

The Scrap Trap Solutions

Professional kitchens, like the ones found in restaurants, usually have a prep station. A person can stand at a particular part of the counter, chop vegetables, and push the scraps directly into a bin. The prep area is clean in seconds, letting the cooks focus on cooking instead of cleaning. While your kitchen may not be big enough for a dedicated prep area, you can temporarily convert some counter space into a prep center in seconds. The Scrap Trap hangs over the edge of a drawer or cabinet door underneath your prep area, letting you push your scraps into the trap without having to mess with major cleanup.

The Scrap Trap holds up to 2 quarts of scraps so that you aren't constantly running back and forth between your prep area and your trash can. It comes with a scraper, which you can keep in the front pocket on the trap when you aren't using it. It also has a stiff-bristled brush to help you clean up your prep area as needed. The Scrap Trap is made from plastic and can go through the dishwasher in between uses.