Top tablets with keyboards

We've rounded up our top tablets that include native keyboard functionality to make typing easier.

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The convenience of carrying around a compact tablet instead of a laptop has some people ditching their old notebooks for a more portable experience, but the benefits of a full keyboard can still come in handy. The models on this list blur the line between tablet and laptop -- usually referred to as "hybrids" or "2-in-1."

The double-life of a hybrid appeases business professionals, students and those who want more PC capabilities in a portable and -- sometimes -- more affordable package.

Here are our top recommendations for tablets with complementary keyboard options.


The Dell XPS 13 has an extremely reasonable starting price.

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Dell XPS 13 2-in-1

Interested in something that's a full-time laptop and part-time tablet? The Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 is a good pick. It's a 13-inch Windows device with a 360-degree hinge that lets you fold back the screen into a makeshift tablet. For a hybrid tablet/laptop, it's very thin and light, and its superthin bezels beautifully maximize its screen space.


The Galaxy TabPro S comes with a snazzy keyboard case that offers two comfortable typing positions.

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Samsung Galaxy TabPro S

This Samsung Windows tablet does you a solid and includes its magnetically attachable keyboard cover in its base price. The Galaxy TabPro S features a stunning display in a very slim design. It's one of the better values for a skinny, keyboard-toting Windows tablet.


This HP also has a stylus.

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HP Elite x2

Like the Samsung above, this HP tablet also comes with the keys. However, the HP's keyboard is impressively comfortable to type on and lifts at an angle for a more ergonomic typing position. The 12-inch Elite x2 includes a fingerprint sensor and a non-proprietary USB-C charger that can power other devices as well.

Google Pixel C

The Pixel C's keyboard is one of its best assets.

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Google Pixel C

If you want an Android tablet with a keyboard, Google's tablet is your best bet. The Pixel C runs the latest version of Google's mobile OS known as Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and its sold-separately keyboard magnetically attaches so strongly, it stays connected even if you hold it upside down.


The Acer Switch Alpha 12 is one of the best 2-in-1's available for the money.

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Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12

The Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12 is a solid 2-in-1 with a thoughtful design. It has a detachable, full size, backlit keyboard that gives great tactile feedback. While it's a great deal for the price, if you're a content creator, you're going to want to go with something that has a better screen and stylus.


Microsoft's been making the best tablet-hybrids for a while now.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4's keyboard is a must-buy. Microsoft's latest model is the closest the company has come to perfecting the tablet-hybrid model, and the Surface Pro 4's keyboard is its best effort yet. It's superslim, yet successfully doubles as a cover case for the tablet.


One of the most unique tablet keyboards.

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Lenovo Yoga Book

The Lenovo Yoga Book doesn't get points for having the most ergonomic or comfortable keyboard, but it is by far the most innovative one we've seen in a long time. The completely flat keyboard of the Yoga Book can quickly transform into a Wacom sketch pad with the press of a button. When used as a keyboard, the outlines of the keys light up and haptic feedback lets you know your tap was felt. Additionally, it comes in Windows and Android versions.

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