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Toaster tries to go in a new direction

The Adjustable Bread And Sandwich Toaster looks like an ordinary toaster. The included sandwich basket makes it different.

While the toaster does come with a removable crumb tray there is no mention of a drip tray.
While the toaster does come with a removable crumb tray there is no mention of a drip tray. Hammacher Schlemmer

The evolution of the toaster has not been one without its surprises. Imagine the shock of the first individual who discovered that it was possible to not only toast a slice of bread, but also reheat a slice of pizza in one of those new-fangled toaster ovens. Not surprisingly, countertop cooking has not been the same since. Nowadays, toasters, toaster ovens and the like have become sophisticated pieces of gadgetry that can cook everything from a whole pizza to rotisserie chicken. However, that doesn't necessarily make them any less mysterious.

The Adjustable Bread And Sandwich Toaster ($129.95) brings magic back to the kitchen countertop. Featuring an adjustable lever on the top of the appliance, the device is capable of accommodating sandwiches or other bakery products up to 2.33 inches thick. The vertical toaster mimics a traditional toaster in design, but by being able to toast bagels and small croissants, the appliance sets out in a new direction.

The included metal sandwich basket helps to contain whole sandwiches. Finding the proper heat setting from the given ten available browning settings might prove to be somewhat of a mystery, but considering the subject matter, it should prove to be a series of delicious experiments. Just don't try to reheat a slice of combo supreme.