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Tip for improving PowerBook G4 Titanium AirPort reception

Tip for improving PowerBook G4 Titanium AirPort reception

MacFixIt reader David Schmitt reminds us of a tip for improving PowerBook G4 Titanium AirPort reception (in some cases dramatically), that was originally recommended by Apple's technical support team, and later filtered through Apple's online discussion boards.

"As the owner of a PowerBook G4/550, I was becoming increasingly dismayed by my Airport reception. These Titanium PowerBooks are notorious for less-than-stellar reception, but in my case I was finding that my reception was getting progressively worse. For example, I couldn't get reception in my upstairs bedroom where previously it worked fine.

"Today I stumbled upon a year-old web discussion board that mentioned a tip: shut down the laptop, pull out the battery, and with your fingers press the side of the battery compartment behind the airport antenna "window". Press in several places, for about 10 seconds. With nothing to lose, I tried it, and lo and behold it works! My reception is better than ever."

If you've tried this tip with success, or have any other suggestions, please drop us a line at late-breakers@macfixit.com.

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