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This top-rated portable car jump-starter is on sale for $58

The Tacklife T8 is also an 18,000-mAh power bank for your phone and other devices. Plus, a Tile Mate tracker for only $15.


Jump your car, recharge your phone and more with the Tacklife T8.


A dead battery can ruin your whole day -- your car battery, I mean (though a dead phone battery is pretty ruinous as well). Thankfully, portable jump-starters are inexpensive and plentiful; Amazon is lousy with them. Prices vary depending on peak current and other features, but typically start as low as $40 and run as high as $120.

I'm not sure I'd want the very cheapest jump-starter, but I'd certainly welcome a discount on a pricier one. Presto: Today only, and while supplies last, WorldUS via Amazon has the Tacklife T8 portable jump-starter for $57.77. That's after applying promo code QCKGF2TI at checkout. Regular price: $80.

I'm not a car guy, meaning my knowledge pretty much ends with "gas goes here," but I do know that most dead batteries can be revived by connecting another battery.

I also know that jumper cables are a hassle, because you need a second car (not always available) parked very close to your car (not always possible), and you have to attach them just so or both cars will explode, killing everyone in a three-block radius.

I may be a little off on that last point, but that's what my brain tells me. And that's why I greatly prefer a little jump-starter like this, because you just connect the red cable to the red terminal and the black to the black, then start the car. Much easier.

This particular jumper offers 800 amps peak current; some others offer more, some offer less. How many amps do you need? According to Tacklife, the T8 can handle gas engines up to 7 liters and diesel engines up to 5.5 liters.

The T8 also doubles as an 18,000-mAh power bank, complete with two USB ports (one of them Quick Charge-compatible) for charging phones and other mobile devices. It triples as a flashlight, with four lighting modes, including SOS. There's an LCD status window and even a built-in compass.

I haven't tried this myself, but over 2,200 buyers collectively rated it 4.6 stars out of 5. I think it would make a great gift, but it's also a smart buy for anyone who owns a vehicle. Calling a tow truck to jump a dead battery, just once, would probably cost at least this much or more.

Your thoughts?

Get a single Tile Mate tracker for $15


You will not regret adding one of these to your keychain.


I have mad love for Tile trackers, which make finding lost things -- usually keys and phones -- much easier. A single Tile Mate normally sells for $25; it's rare to find a discount unless you buy them in a four-pack or some other bundle. So this is great: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Best Buy has the Tile Mate 2020 for $14.99. (I'm not sure why it's calling it the 2020 when it was released in 2019, but OK.) Choose in-store pickup or ship-to-store to avoid a $5.49 shipping charge.

The Tile Mate works like this: Hook it to your keychain, purse or whatever, then pair it with the Tile app on your phone. Need to find the Tile? Use that app to help locate it. Can't find your phone? Double-press the Tile's button and the phone will ring loudly, even if it's set to mute.

Folks, this is the best $15 you can spend today. I won't say a Tile will help you find your lost thing every time, but it will help a lot of the time -- and the sanity savings alone is well worth $15. 

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