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The Simpsons Game (Xbox 360) for $8 shipped

Newegg has this fun and funny platformer, with lots of original dialogue and some challenging levels, on sale for the price of a rental, plus half a dozen other games for 10 bucks each.

"The Simpsons Game" for 8 bucks? Woo-hoo! Electronic Arts

It's Friday, so let's forget our economic woes and have a little cheap fun. (No, not that kind.) Newegg has some solid deals on Xbox 360 games, including The Simpsons Game for $7.99 with free shipping.

Although it's not the world's greatest action platformer, it's pretty hilarious, with lots of original dialogue and some challenging levels. I'm definitely a fan, and my kids absolutely love it.

And for 8 bucks? Shoot, that's a no-brainer for any "Simpsons" fan and/or Xbox 360 owner. Here's a rundown of the other games currently on sale at Newegg, each of them $9.99 shipped:

Some good stuff here! For not much more than the price of a rental at Blockbuster, you can add some high-quality titles to your game library. (If you've played any of these, hit the comments, and let your fellow gamers know which ones are winners.)