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The iPad case that fell from space tested in video

We subject the case that helped an iPad survive a 100,000-foot fall to our own extreme tests in this video.

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An iPad has fallen 100,000 feet from space and survived without a scratch. The tablet was found in excellent working order after being dropped from a weather balloon in the outer atmosphere. The stunt was pulled by G-Form, which claims to have invented the world's most protective tablet casing.

The company strapped a video camera to the iPad to record all the action, including when the tablet crash-landed in Nevada. Watch our video to see the best bits of the test for yourself.

But we weren't content with just looking at someone else's test. If this technology really is the best protection available for all our delicate gadgets, we had to devise a rigorous test of our own. With no one willing to donate their precious tablet, we ended up filling the case with various gadgets and household items and repeatedly hurling it off our fourth floor balcony. It was fun.

Does the G-Form Extreme Sleeve 2 offer better protection for an HTC phone, a tomato or an orange? Does its Poron XRD cover offer enough protection to allow an egg to survive a 20-foot drop? Did we end up breaking half of CNET UK's technology stash? All these questions and more are answered in the video. Click play already!

Please remember kids, all our stunts were conducted with trained professionals under strict health and safety supervision. It's not big, funny or clever to drop things from a great height and you could hurt someone. But if you can think of more hilarious stress tests for the G-Form Extreme Sleeve 2, tell us about them in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.