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The end of the pits

The Cherry and Olive Pitter speeds up removing pits from your favorite fruit.

The Cherry and Olive Pitter King Arthur Flour

Over the course of the summer, I eat pounds of cherries. That means that I wind up with pounds of cherry pits, as well, often wherever I wound up actually eating my snack. With a good cherry pitter, though, I can pop out the pits from a handful of cherries and be on my way with nothing to clean up after I've eaten. The Cherry and Olive Pitter is a great tool for eliminating pits from both your cherries and olives. You just place the fruit in the bowl of the pitter and squeeze, pushing the pit out of the fruit. It's much faster than trying to dissect a whole bowl full of olives and cherries: there's no need to try to cut apart fruit and remove pits with your fingers, which can be a big plus if you're planning on serving a dish to guests.

The Cherry and Olive Pitter is approximately 5 1/2 inches in length. It's dishwasher safe, making clean up simple; if you're planning on baking a cherry pie or marinating a bowl of olives, cleaning up the pitter may be the easiest step. The Cherry and Olive Pitter can be used with olives up to 1 inch in size. It's more than capable of handling most olive and cherry sizes.