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The Dripstik: Foe to dripping ice cream cones

The Dripstik protects hands from melting ice cream.

No 'ice cream hands' here. Bed Bath & Beyond

I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so it goes to follow that I don't crave ice cream very often. Upon a bit of introspection, perhaps it all started at an early age with the terrifying prospect of melting ice cream running down my hand. Like many other adults, I like to keep my hands clean. Perhaps it all goes together and I am who I am today due to this simple fact.

In which I now present The Dripstik. Designed for holding an ice cream cone, the gadget acts as a plastic barrier between sticky-sweet-melty ice cream and (presumably) clean hands. Now, I know this may elicit a response of sacrilege among those of you who are ice cream purists, but I applaud the innovation. After all, it does collect into the device, so the added benefit is that the last bite of ice cream cone can be topped with fresh melted ice cream.

I'm not some strange sugar-hating monster; I know full well the deliciousness of ice cream. Especially that last bite, when the ice cream melts down and forms the perfect cone to ice cream ratio. Sweet tooth or not, when I do enjoy an ice cream cone, that is the best part; the last bite is the perfect bite. However, I may have to rethink my definition of a perfect last bite considering that melted ice cream has to go somewhere. Best place I can think of is back on the ice cream cone. Now that is a perfect bite.