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Tea at a perfect temperature

You can get your tea to exactly the right temperature with the Tea Thermometer and Timer.

The Tea Thermometer And Timer Fresh Finds

Certain types of tea brew better at different temperatures. That means that you need to be able to control the temperature of your hot water if you plan to make the perfect cup of tea. The Tea Thermometer and Timer makes brewing a cup of tea easier: by selecting your type of tea, the thermometer will tell you how hot the water is (and how hot it needs to be), as well as notifying you when your tea is done steeping. You can choose between loose, ball, or bagged teas, as well as green, chai, black, and herbal. Eighteen types of tea are preprogrammed into the Tea Thermometer and Timer.

The Tea Thermometer and Timer accounts for all the different decisions you make in the course of brewing a cup of tea. You can set the tea strength on a scale of one to eight to make sure that even the strength of the tea is perfect. The thermometer has a four-inch stainless steel stem that will fit in a teacup, mug, or teapot while the rest of the thermometer sits outside of the water. The Tea Thermometer and Timer requires batteries and are included. The thermometer is priced at $19.95.