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Talk to the shopping list

The SmartShopper Deluxe stores a grocery list via voice recognition.

Print and go. Bed Bath and Beyond

I'm a list guy. I have lists everywhere. I have stacks of them all telling me to do various things. Pay the bills, deal with the DMV, feed the neighbor's cat--stuff like that. These scraps of paper litter my house from end to end. A quick survey reveals that most of them seem to be grocery lists. I know for a fact the word "eggs" is scrawled on at least half a dozen pieces of paper, yet my refrigerator houses none of them. What's the problem? I always forget my shopping list.

While the SmartShopper Deluxe might not help me to remember to actually bring the list to the store, it can at least reduce the amount of scrap paper in my house. The idea is to mount the unit to the wall or fridge and use it to record voice messages when you need an item. Finished the last drop of milk? Tell it to the SmartShopper. The "grocery list assistant" uses voice recognition and adds the item to the list. When it's time to go shopping, it prints out a list organized by grocery type.

The "Deluxe" in the name comes from this being the next iteration of the series, with the previous model having slightly different styling. The new model also has several new features such as a kitchen timer and the capability to store and print two separate lists. The capability to add custom items and edit categories is also integrated. Now if I can only remember to hit "print."