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Take your (egg) top off

Egg topper snips the tapered top off of your hard boiled egg.

The Brooklyn Kitchen
Even if you don't celebrate the holiday for religious reasons, Easter Sunday is a great time to celebrate one of my preferred proteins: the egg. Whether it's hard-boiled, poached, fried or scrambled, eggs are truly one of my favorite breakfast foods.

One egg preparation I've never enjoyed is the kind necessitating the gadget you see here: a scissor-like device called a topper, whose sole function is to shear the top off of your boiled egg.

Cutting through the egg and shell, the topper allows you to serve boiled eggs directly out of their shells, making for a pretty brunch presentation or afternoon tea addition. I've seen a similar thing done with butter knives, but the topper adds a nice touch, technologically speaking.

The Egg Topper by RSVP International is featured as part of Egg Month at The Brooklyn Kitchen. You can find it for $4.99 on the store's Web site.