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Tablet Tuesday: Every tablet known to man is on sale

At least, it seems that way, with deals to be had on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Microsoft Surface RT, Asus MeMo Pad, and more.

What are you looking for in a tablet? A 7-inch screen? 10-inch? The Android operating system? Windows? How about a keyboard dock?

Whatever your tablet aspirations, I've got a deal for you today. Maybe there's some planetary alignment at work, or maybe the market is just experiencing an inventory correction. Either way, I found a whopping five tablet bargains that seemed too good not to share. In no particular order:

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3


Last year, CNET called the Galaxy Tab 3 Today only, and while supplies last, you can take out the "premium price" part: DailySteals has the refurbished Galaxy Tab 3 for $115 shipped.

This is a 7-inch Android 4.1 tablet with dual cameras, Bluetooth, an expansion slot, and a bright but lower-resolution screen (1,024 x 600). It comes in your choice of black, brown, or white. Because it's a refurb, it comes with a 90-day warranty.

2. Kindle Fire HD

Yesterday, I shared a Kindle Paperwhite priced at $99. Today, and for a limited time, Best Buy has the Kindle Fire HD (1st-gen) for $99.99 shipped (plus tax).

When you compare the two, the Fire seems like the no-brainer choice -- though I still think there's value in owning a dedicated e-reader. That said, a mere two years ago it was unthinkable that you'd be able to buy a tablet like this for a price like this.

3. Asus MeMo Pad Smart 10


If the Galaxy Tab 3 is a bargain at $115 shipped, the MeMo Pad Smart 10 must be a steal at $139.99 (plus $5 for shipping). This refurbished 10-inch Android tablet is today's Tech.Woot offer.

After all, that extra $30 buys you a 10.1-inch display running at 1,280 x 800, a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 16GB of expandable storage, and perks like GPS, Micro-HDMI out, and dual cameras.

CNET gave the Smart 10 a solid rating and compared it to a 10-inch version of the Google Nexus 7. My take is that any 10-inch tablet priced under $150 is worth a look.

4. Microsoft Surface RT

Want some continuity between your tablet and your PC? Windows RT offers it, especially if you run mostly apps on your PC.

Once again, Manufacturer Certified (via eBay) has the refurbished Microsoft Surface RT (32GB) tablet for $169 shipped. Although I continue to have mixed feelings about Windows RT (apps only, and not enough of those), this is a really amazing buy.

The Surface RT features a 10.6-inch screen, dual cameras, a microSD slot, and a USB port. Plus, it's compatible with Microsoft's cool Touch and Type Covers (the former available for just $29.99 via the same listing page). Perhaps best of all, you get a full one-year warranty.

5. Asus T100TA hybrid

One of my all-time favorite magic tricks. Asus

If you're looking to replace your laptop altogether, consider a hybrid -- a tablet with a keyboard dock.

Like this one: For a limited time, TigerDirect has the refurbished Asus T100TA Transformer for $279.99 when you apply coupon code CJR125302 at checkout. (Shipping adds around $7.) That's $20 less than the last time I wrote about this model, which was already pretty tempting last year at $399.

Indeed, the T100TA seems to offer unusually good bang for the buck, including a quad-core Atom processor, 32GB of storage, a 10.1-inch screen, and Windows 8.1. It does, however, have only a 90-day warranty.

Okay, cheeps! Which tablet are you getting, and why? Or if you're not getting any of them, also why?

Bonus deal: As you may have heard, Apple just introduced new MacBook Air models and cut prices by $100, meaning you can now buy in for as little as $899. What you probably didn't hear is that for a limited time, cashback service Ebates is offering 4 percent back on all purchases from the Apple Store. Typically you get a mere 1 percent. That means you can score a new MacBook Air for post-cashback price of about $863.

Bonus deal No. 2: While we're on the subject of Macs, StackSocial has a bundle that definitely deserves your attention. The Name Your Own Price Mac Bundle 5.0 is exactly what it sounds like, with 10 sweet apps for a price you set. Well, sort of: You'll get all 10 if you beat the average, which is currently $8.59. Otherwise you get just three. But, still, that's less than 90 cents per app. And some proceeds go to charity, so be generous!