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Super strong stemware for the less delicate among us

The World's Strongest Crystal Red Wine Stemware stands up to everyday use.

No more torque-related breakage. Hammacher Schlemmer

You learn something new every day. I had always thought it was my pure masculine manliness that always seemed to break the wine glasses when I tried washing them out. Turns out, it isn't my super strength that was responsible for the constant snapping of the stemware. No, apparently this breakage is a common occurrence and it is torque that is the culprit to blame. Luckily, there is a solution, as this set of wine glasses purports to be 98 percent more resistant to this stress that occurs while washing and drying.

The World's Strongest Crystal Red Wine Stemware was put through a series of tests to attain that title. Along with the aforementioned ability to withstand pressure from torque, the stemware was subjected to repeated blows from a 12-gram steel ball dropped onto the rim from three feet above the glass. If that weren't enough, the glasses were also sent through a commercial-grade washer over 4,000 times and retained their original brilliance.

Made in Parma, Italy, the stemware gets its strength from switching traditional lead with titanium and zirconium. The resulting wine glasses more durable and perform remarkably similar to their less fortified cousins. With a set of these in hand, I won't have to worry about looking like an uncouth brute anymore.

Set of six from Hammacher Schlemmer for $49.95.