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Suck at chopsticks? Try training on a 'chork'

If you thought the spork was cool, you've got to see the chork, a gift to all the chopstick newbies out there.

Behold the chork!

Brown Innovation Group

Being the only one at the Panda Express table who doesn't know how to use chopsticks will soon be a thing of the past.

The fast-food chain will offer a chopsticks-fork combination called a "chork," food news site Eater reports, though it doesn't say when.

Panda Express did not immediately respond to a request for comment -- or send us any spring rolls.

The three-in-one plastic phenomena, developed by Salt Lake City-based Brown Innovation Group, or B.I.G., boasts a fork on one end attached to a pair of chopsticks.

You can start off using the chopsticks joined together as a thicker "trainer" utensil, and then separate the sticks when you're ready to tackle, you know, regular chopsticks.

A few things could go wrong: You could flip food into your face while you switch from fork to chopsticks. You could poke yourself in the eye as you stuff your face with General Tso's chicken. You could get lazy and get away with never learning how to properly use chopsticks thanks to the "training" feature.

What could go very right: you could eat as much chow mein as you want, however you want, and never have to put down your chork.