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Stylish dishwasher from Amana is also Energy-Star-rated

Amana 24-inch built-in dishwasher with triwash system is Energy-Star-rated.

Black Amana 24-inch built-in dishwasher with triwash system Sears via Amana

This Amana built-in dishwasher fits standard size cabinetry openings at 24 inches. Height-adjustable legs allow for a custom fit at the time of installation. The tall tub design allows for large loads or extra room for tall pots or other cookware. The stainless steel interior helps reduce staining and the accumulation of odors over time. As an Energy-Star-rated appliance, you can rest easy knowing that the washing of the dishes is being done in the most efficient manner.

The control panel located at the top of the unit combines status indicators and a 10 touch pad electronic control system. There are five automatic wash cycles available for use along with a quick rinse selection. A delay timer is also incorporated, allowing for a 2-, 4-, or 6-hour delay in starting the wash. Sensor washing is provided by an auto wash with Precision Clean turbidity.

Water is filtered through a fine mesh filter, and high water flow along with high water pressure combine to sweep away leftover food soils. An internal stainless steel blade literally cuts down on food from recirculation and eliminates it from being redeposited. A food disposer handles food elimination, while the NSF certified sanitize option removes 99.999% of bacteria.

Consumer reaction to this dishwasher has mostly been positive; however, a user at did have troubles with the handle breaking off. Another customer writes that they have had great results with washing while the drying ability has been somewhat lacking. Other positive comments include an appreciation for the quiet operation and overall ease of use.