StuffIt Deluxe issues: a reply from Aladdin

StuffIt Deluxe issues: a reply from Aladdin


Regarding the two points mentioned in an item from last time, Dirk Munson (of Aladdin) offered the following:

a. The reported problem with multi-user serial numbers is true. They are currently working on a fix. However, note that "The code to recognize the 'DLXS' registration number is not a part of the installer. This is part of the StuffIt Deluxe application."

b. As for the problem segmenting an .sea archive as .sea segments, Dirk writes: "Self-extracting segmentation applies only to .SIT files when segmenting via the StuffIt Deluxe application. If you .SEA the file FIRST and then attempt to segment it, the segments will not be self-extracting. This is the same functionality in Deluxe 4.0 as well. Beginning on page 39 of the 4.0 User's Guide, the tutorials work only with .SIT files. This was made more clear in the notes on pages 39 and 41 of the 4.5 User's Guide."

Dirk, of course, requests that you inform Aladdin of any problems you have.

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