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Stranger Things wants to cast marching band alumni

Get yourself in tune with the kids from Hawkins, Indiana, and you might just see yourself on the hit show.


Forward, march, and join the kids from Hawkins, Indiana.


All those days of sore lips, clogged spit valves and muddy feet are about to pay off. Netflix is looking to cast people with marching band experience in an upcoming episode of the network's hit show, Stranger Things.

"We are looking to cast males & females who have had or currently are experienced in participating in a marching band!" a casting notice for the show reads. "You will actually play 2 songs with us (so you must know how to play your instrument)."

Musicians can be of any ethnicity, must be between the ages of 18 and 30, and must be available for filming near the end of October.

It's unclear if the fictitious band is supposed to be from Hawkins High School or simply a community group. The higher age limit would seem to indicate that this isn't the band from Hawkins Middle School, which is the school Eleven, Dustin and crew have been attending. It's been announced that the upcoming season of the show is set in the summer of 1985, so maybe the band will be in a Fourth of July parade or some other summer event.

Stranger Things is expected to return in 2019.