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Stranger Things star wants Hopper-Joyce romance in season 3

The Hawkins police chief and Will's frazzled mother have to eventually get together, right?

Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and police chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) seem destined to become a couple.

Stranger Things stars have been hinting that the 1985 setting for season 3 will be a "summer of love," and that might not just involve the younger actors.

Teen actress Millie Bobby Brown, who stars as Eleven on the Netflix drama, says she wants police chief Jim Harper (David Harbour), who's become her adopted dad on the show, to strike up a romance with Winona Ryder's Joyce Byers.

"Listen, I would love for them to get together," Brown told Variety this week. "Jopper [Joyce + Hopper] is like my inspiration in life."

The show already feels like a family. 

"Winona Ryder and David Harbour are like my parents," Brown said. "And in the show, if they rekindle, that means Will and Eleven will be step-siblings. I would love that because Noah [Schnapp, who plays Will Byers] is my boy best friend."

Harbour has already said he'd like to see the show delve into his character's past as a cop and Vietnam veteran. Maybe Joyce can help him deal with his past.

Stranger Things is scheduled to return in 2019.